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At Phil Weaver Automotive, we take pride in delivering not just exceptional used vehicles, but a comprehensive peace-of-mind package with every purchase. Our commitment to your satisfaction goes beyond the car itself - it extends to the confidence and assurance you'll experience while driving it. We've partnered with Warranty Wise, a trusted name in vehicle warranties, to offer you unparalleled coverage for our used cars.

When you choose a vehicle from Phil Weaver Automotive, you're not just getting a reliable car; you're gaining the peace of mind that comes with a comprehensive warranty. We understand that buying a used car can come with concerns, which is why our Warranty Wise-backed warranties are designed to alleviate any worries. From engine issues to electrical problems, our warranties have you covered, ensuring that unexpected repairs won't disrupt your driving pleasure.

But that's not all. We believe in providing a complete package of assurance, which is why every vehicle in our inventory comes with a 12-month MOT. This comprehensive examination ensures that your vehicle meets the necessary safety and environmental standards, giving you the confidence to hit the road without any concerns about its performance or compliance.

At Phil Weaver Automotive, your satisfaction and confidence in your vehicle are our top priorities. That's why we've gone the extra mile to ensure that our used cars not only meet high-quality standards but also come with robust warranty coverage and a 12-month MOT. With our commitment to transparency, reliability, and customer satisfaction, you can trust us for a hassle-free, secure, and enjoyable driving experience.

Explore our diverse selection of top-tier used cars, all backed by our Warranty Wise warranties and accompanied by a 12-month MOT. Drive away knowing that you're not just buying a car; you're investing in peace of mind. At Phil Weaver Automotive, we redefine the used car buying experience, offering you not just vehicles but confidence and reliability with every purchase.

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